January 31st, 2007

Jet, Aftermath, Avatar

Quick Note Between Travels

Alright. I'm back and will leave again in (what seems like) a few short hours.

I visited my Mormon relatives in the country. They're sweet, and I love them... but they have more of the churches opinions than their own.
It may seem that way with me too. I want to better myself by learning how to be moulded after Christ... but I have a reason why I do it that isn't directly from the mouth of what my 'elders' tell me to say.

Anyway... it's helping me open my eyes on all accounts... anything I can learn is good (the process never stops).

Going to see other family tomorrow. As said.

Am tired and drunk a little too much wine tonight (probably slurring on the keyboard) because we had a good dinner with another friend of the family.
Should hide myself away. A little wine is good, but enough to lose a part of my senses - not good.

I apologize if I hadn't made sense in my replies to peeps tonight. But this is the last chance I have to reply to anyone..... for perhaps 1/2 weeks.

Love you all and I'll catch up soon (like on reading your stories, Elle).