January 9th, 2007

We Leave Tomorrow!!!

It's going to be so nice to be back again.


I saw a movie the other day that I so think the creators of Avatar ripped Longshot off of. ;)

Ummm... it had Jay Chao as the lead. The Longshot character... well... pretty much did simliar things than in Avatar and was dressed almost exactly the same (except the hat was still a tie on... but more military fashion than farmer fashion).

There was the coolest scene where he punked all these guys with a short range bow, and then he drew back and punked the main guy and all his minions went running! ;) Oh, it was classic.

And he was introduced as the young archer for the military. Like everyone else had a go and then he took out his arrow and like slammed everyone else at long range (but it was SOOO fake!)

And he didn't talk the whole time too (but that might have been the minor character thing).

For some reason I can't find out anything on Jay Chao, or even whether the movie was shot in Hong Kong or up North.

But if anyone knows the movie... let me know.