boomeraang (boomeraang) wrote,


Well, we've arrived back in stinky China.
Shanghai was... polluted... and cold.

I guess after all that fresh air and blue skies, we really took for granted a 'normal' society...

Now we're sharing with another Qlder, which is alright... it was just a shock at first. We have a big apartment but Steve and I were really looking forward to having it ourselves.

God always knows how to give you paitence through trails. It's not about what I want but about what God wants. I know that.

Problem is that it seems everyone here (Chinese) is a liar... and it's just frustrating to try and communicate with liars. They're not even good at it, but no matter what you say they still keep telling you a lie.

But it's not about them. I don't judge the behavior outside the church. I'll just keep praying for faith and to walk in the Spirit.

Every time I've been walking in the flesh it has been sin... but I seem to do it every day.

God help me!


Ohhhh.... I did a 'Lost' character quiz and got Sun. Go figure. I'm a 'traditionalist' - which is funny because that's the opposite of what I was before I was born again. Praise God, He can turn even the most fervernt sinner around!
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